About registration

Q )How to apply?

Please read a Rule and Regulation and the apply from online form.

Q )I don’t entry which is divisions

The order of performance will be in principle by age.

If you want to get more information, please check the rule & regulations.

Q )I haven’t decided Va yet

Don’t leave it blank. Please be sure to indicate the Va, how to go on stage, music, Va’s time.

Q )I want to change my resister information.

We want to get definitely accept your changes, don’t call us, send an email (info@jbcex.jp) and Please contact us from.
【Competition name】【Your Name】【before changed inform】【After changed inform】

Q )Can you send information to Private address? Not my company, if it’s possible.

We will send your company definitely. If you get to permit from teacher, we can’t send private address.

Q )I don’t belong to company, what should I do?

If you don’t belong to company, Just write “Free dancer” also, your address, phone number, Email.

Q )Can I apply competition before payment?

We will send your email from PayPal after you apply to registration form please completely the payment process.
Registration complete after the payment.
The receptionist end as soon as it becomes capacity so, please payment when you get bill as soon as.

Q )I haven’t received email about registration complete

If you write phone email, please check your email setting that you don’t receive from PC mail. Please receive email from 「@jbcex.jp」
Also, Folder may have been automatically sorted which is gmail, yahoo mail, Hotmail, and spam folder.
If you haven’t received around one week after applying, please contact us.

Q )When is deadline?

Application deadlines vary from convention to tournament. 1 month before the date of deadline.
The receptionist end as soon as it becomes capacity.
If it’s, we will notice on Website, and our social media.
After deadline, we have “pending list” who is registration haven’t completed until you get a confirmation contact from JBC.
Unfortunately, if you can’t, we will send a letter about refund around on week after registration.

Preparation for the Competition

Q )Does performance time include from go on stage to out of stage?

Performance time is from beginning of the music to end of the music.
Only Modern and Ensemble, if music is starting with silent, you are coming to stage and moving start that is your beginning time.

Q )Performance time will be little over the time limit. Is it fine?

Don’t cut parts of music to fit within the time limit. Changing the pitch is fine. If you still can’t fit, please changing your Va. If you have any questions, please contact us. (Tell 0120-4180-55)

Q )Is this Va (music and choreography) copyrighted?

We can’t check that it will be happens, please confirm before applying.

Q )Do I have to apply for music copyright by myself?

Classical is exempt from application. Modern and Ensemble, must check the copyrights yourself before competition day.

Q )Can I copy the CD with computer?

If you copy except CD-DA format, we have some problems on the performance day.
Don’t record the CD data with copy and paste, please use the software.

・【CD-DA format】Must copy with this format.
・Please record only one track per disc. (several track’s CD will be some trouble)
・We can’t use MP3、MP4 format, 8cmCD, became deformed CD, CD-RW
・Please check the CD disc scratches, stains, etc…

Q )Do I have to need two CDs?

If there is some problems, we will use spare CD so please make sure to prepare two CDs.

Q )When do I need to apply for props?

Dancer can be carried with one or both hands, if you will use other tool like casters that need to be rolled or assembled the tool with stage sleeves, etc…
Please contact us.

Q )If there is only dancer, Can I get teacher pass card?

Yes, you can get one card.
1~2ppl are 1card, 3~4ppl are 2card, pass card will increase with each how many dancers.
As an exception, one Men and one Women, you can get additional pass card with permit from us. If you this situation, please contact us.

About competition day

Q )What happens if there is an against the regulations?

Against the rule about shoes, Va time is over, Judging usual and judge sheet, but no ranking and special prize.
For other against the role, we will discuss with judges about that, and then we will decide it.

Q )Which is more advantageous, ballet shoes or pointe shoes?

There is absolutely no advantage to either. The judges will judge the pointe that student can pull up your body, use the soft fingers and have no problem wearing pointe shoes. If your body is not ready and then wearing pointe shoes, your knees bend, can’t pull up your body, can’t use the pointe shoes good well, your judging pointe is lost.

Q )Do I have to be a dancer to register at reception?

Dancer has to resister at reception on the day. Ensemble, the representative from each group.
You need Pass card and two CDs when you register at reception.

Q )Do we have reverence after Va?

Reverence should be performed in the position where your Va ended.

Q )How to do reverence if I went to out off stage after Va?

You should go to out of stage first and the come back to stage and reverence.

Q )What time can I use the dressing room and rehearsal room?

You should register at reception first and then you can use backstage.
Register time, please check out the timeline.
Before register, you can’t use dressing room and rehearsal room.

Q )Can parents allow backstage?

Only allow backstage who has pass card. If parents don’t have pass card, you can’t enter.

Q )May I give my teacher’s pass card to a third party?

Please use the teacher’s pass card given to your company only to assist dancer on backstage. Please note that if a person who is definitely looks like not teacher or assistant age, we won’t allow to pass through.

Q )Can I go backstage to give my child a meal or something?

If you don’t have teacher’s pass card, you can’t go backstage even its parents.
At the time, we will also not allow to keep your luggage.
Please contact with your child in some way and then you give to luggage at lobby.

Q )Where is call upon to dancer before spacing?

There is information board on stage right or stage left, there is staff also.
The stage right and stage left differ depending on the hall, please check out the position on the day.

Q )Is there an award ceremony?

We won’t held award ceremony except Grand Championships.
It is possible to miss the ceremony at a competition where an award ceremony is held, If you have some problems like a time to return home or something.
Please tell us at reception if you will miss the ceremony. Don’t worry if you will miss the ceremony, you are not excluded from the Award winner.

Q )When will I receive my certificate?

We will give you certificate at reception after finished your judging block around 30min latter.
(If there is some problem, we will late it)
We will inform you on our JBC Instagram and lobby so please check out.
All dancer must pick up your certificates at the reception.

Q )When will I receive my judging sheet?

We will give you judging sheet at reception after finished your judging block around 30min latter.